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Flex CSA

The Flex CSA differs from most because it lets you come in and shop for your fresh products. It gives you the flexibility of picking up at your convenience & can be redeemed anytime during the growing season.

How it works

With the Flex option you purchase the amount of weeks you'd like to participate in. Each week is $50 and you can choose from the flowers, fruit, veggies & eggs to total your $50. This gives you the flexibility to choose the variety of fresh goods that you'd like! If you want to spend more than that you can pay the difference when you checkout. 


To keep track of the weeks you redeem you will receive a card that can be used during any open day at The Farmer's Collective in 2022. There are 22 market weeks from May - late September, so you don’t need to go to every market. Your card can only be used once a week. 


Please keep in mind that the product is brought in at the beginning of the week and will not be restocked until the next. We can’t carry over each weeks balance so we recomend spending your full $50 when you come in. Flex CSA shares can't be carried over to the following growing season. 

What if I'd like to gift this?

  • You can gift as many weeks you'd like, each week is $50. 

  • If the recipient already has a Flex CSA it can be added on if you give us their name. 

  • We can send you something to gift to the recipient and then in the Spring they will be notified when their card & welcome packet are ready.